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Today, we bring you an article from They've written up a fantastic piece on some of the difficulties that we can face whilst we're in college or university.

College can be both the best time in our lives, but  sometimes, it can also be the worst times that we can have. It's worth remembering that the things that make our time in college good or bad does not necessarily have to be of tangible things, like assignments or tough lecturers, but can be of things that we don't see as well. These things can sneak up on us like a stealthy ninja, and hit us when we least expect it. It's worth taking note of the signs and symptoms that we can suffer from, not just for ourselves, but to also make sure that our friends and loved ones are doing fine as well.

The resources in the article are fantastic and offer a great deal of information about the various difficulties that you can face whilst you're away at college. However, some of the contact information there may not be applicable if you're in Malaysia.

If you ever find yourself facing any of the difficulties listed, please do seek professional help if you think that its become too difficult for you to handle on your own. Your college or university would provide some student services that you can access to get some help. Alternatively, check out for some excellent resources and help if you need.

So head on over to and have a look see. Make college the best time in your life!


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