What it’s like to be anxious


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Sir Post-A-Lot here again and today we bring you something a little different from themighty.com. They bring us a wonderful piece from someone who suffers from anxiety, and gives us some insights into what individuals with anxiety goes through on a daily basis.

Sometimes, it can be easy for us to just trivialise what people going through anxiety have to go through day to day. It’s easy for us to say things like “There’s nothing to worry about!” or “Relaxlah brother, why so scared?”. But when we’re full blown anxious, even the smallest thing can be a mountain for all of us.

Understanding is oftentimes the first step to helping, and this article is a great way to have a go at putting yourself in their shoes. So head on over to themighty.com and have a look see for yourself!

Till next time, Sir Post-A-Lot signing off!

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