What a Visit to the Psychologist Looks Like?


Hello everyone!

In honour of World Mental Health Day 2014, our Director Joel Low writes about what a usual trip to a psychological centre can be like. For most of us, our view of what therapy is like comes from what we see on TV and in the movies. Hands up the number of us who think that being a psychologist is like Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs, or Frasier Crane.

The truth is, therapy is a lot less, 'eventful', then what we watch in TV. It's like watching Grey's Anatomy or House, your average every day doctor does not always have to deal with Lupus or surgeries in the elevator. Therapy is much the same way!

Head on over to Healthworks.my to have a read and find out for yourself what therapy is really like! Happy World Mental Health day!

Note. Picture sourced from kontraststudios.co


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