Therapy? It’s for ‘crazy’ people!


"Therapy ah? Is that the thing where you lie down on the couch and talk about your parents?"

"See psychologist? For what? I'm not crazy also!"

"Can you read my mind? If you can, then you should be able to solve my problems already!"

These are just some of the more colourful things that we hear as clinical psychologists. But its understandable, as mental health is a topic that is still new and unfamiliar to us all. What many of us know about clinical psychology, therapy or counselling comes from what we see in the movies and TV. Shows like 'Hannibal' and 'The Private Practice' have done wonders introducing psychology and therapy into the mainstream,  but as all good Hollywood shows, they've also made sure to include only the most dramatic of situations into it.

Whilst we do see a lot of the 'Hollywood cases' so to speak, we also deal with a whole host of other difficulties that the everyday human may encounter. Difficulties that makes life difficult for us, but not necessarily insurmountable without a helping hand to get us back on our feet. Everyone has their own demons to face but we should not allow it to take over our lives. Reaching out might be one of the best things that you could do for yourself.

The fantastic people at have come up with a fantastic post about therapy, regarding the myths and misconceptions that often come about with it. Do enjoy the info graphic they have prepared, and click on the link above to visit their site for some excellent information on therapy as well as listings for therapists and psychologists right here in Malaysia. Follow them on Twitter as well!

Enjoy! We sure did!




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