So You Want To Get Your Child To Listen?


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Sir Post-A-Lot once again, wishing you all a lovely and fine Thursday morning! I do hope you're all doing well, and kicking butt regardless of what it is you may be doing.

Speaking of kicking butts, today we bring you a brilliant piece from They write about a few different tips on how to effectively discipline our kids. The interesting thing about that article is that they help you to redefine the idea of discipline. The author suggests that disciplining a child is not to punish the child, but rather, it's more to teaching the child the right way to behave.

Over time, the word discipline has often been associated with spankings, time outs and other various forms of punishment to 'get our kids to do what we say'. In their article, the author suggests that if the foundations are set right, there's no reason why our kids can't behave in a manner most becoming.

So if you have a few young'uns traipsing around your abode, have a read at and see if you could pick up a trick or two on how to get them to disciplined the right way.

As always, have a good week all, and till the next time we meet! Be good, stay safe, and have fun!

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