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Single Item Burnout Assessment

One of the more common requests for work to be done would be for burnout. Many clients write in reporting that they’re feeling burnout and they’re starting to be unable to engage in the usual work and tasks that they once did.

But what is burnout you might ask? From a technical perspective, burnout is a state of mind that we enter, when we’ve been perpetually stressed for too long a time, and too hard as well. Burnout feels like perpetual exhaustion, where nothing seems to make it feel better, and our usual pick me ups don’t seem to work. In that state, planning ahead seems almost impossible, and nothing really seems to excite you.

Some symptoms can include:

  • Sense of failure & self doubt
  • Feeling helpless, trapped and defeated
  • A sense of being overwhelmed by work/school, relating with others or life in general
  • Feeling detached and alone in this world
  • Loss of motivation
  • Increased feelings of cynicism and negative outlooks in life
  • Decreased or no sense of satisfaction from accomplishments

Overall, based on your definition of burnout, how would you rate your level of burnout?
1) I enjoy my life in general, and show no signs of burnout.
2) Occasionally I'm under stress, and I find myself not having as much as energy as I once did, but I don't feel burnt out.
3) I'm definitely burning out and have one or more symptoms of burnout, such as physical and emotional exhaustion.
4) The symptoms of burnout that I'm experiencing won't go away. I think about the frustrations and struggles in life regularly.
5) I feel completely burnt out, and often wonder if I can go on. I am at the point where I may need some changes, or may need to seek some sort of help.
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