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Sir Post-A-Lot here once again, hoping all of you merry men and fair ladies are doing well on a lovely Wednesday morning. May all your dragons be slain, and mighty steads be well fed and watered. Speaking of beasts, I hear of this new contraption that seems to be sweeping our fair land, this little mobile application called Pokémon Go. Acquaintances assure me that no real pocket monsters have been harmed, and they exist only on something called the internet.

This got me to reading a brilliant article from who talks about the positives and negatives of playing games. Given the wave of popularity and fervour in which the new Pokémon game has swept the world, it’s a timely piece.

It’s worth remembering that whilst games often get a bad rep, with detractors claiming that it can promote violence and bad behaviours in players. But as always, there’s two sides of the coin and there are positives that are to be had as well. The article covers both the bases, talking about both the good and the bad that can be observed in the games that we play.

So head on over to and have a read! Till the following week good fellows!


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