I graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Psychology and East Asian Language and Culture. Upon graduation, I worked in a Psychology lab as a Research Assistant and I provided pastoral counselling to university students. In 2014, I decided to pursue a Masters in Counselling Psychology because I wanted to be able to work more effectively with the individuals I encountered while journeying with them through life’s trials. Currently, I am a Licensed and Registered Counsellor with the Board of Counsellors Malaysia. I am a Certified Choice Theory Reality Therapy Practitioner (CTRTC). My main theoretical orientation is Choice Theory and I employ the techniques of Reality Therapy to help my clients find a meaning-filled life. Personally, I subscribe to the basic tenets of Choice Theory – I believe that we are constantly searching and working on finding a meaningful relationship in survival, love and belonging, freedom, fun, and power.

My work experiences include working with the marginalized in an NGO. My work includes helping them search for or manage their resources and see hope in their current circumstance while they wait to be granted asylum-ship. During that tenure ship, I also worked alongside a psychiatrist, providing psychotherapy to his clients experiencing OCD, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. During my time with this NGO, I learned that all human beings have innate strengths that enable us to achieve what we need and want. Some of us may not be aware of these strengths and it is my hope that we can explore and discover these gifts together so that you can be empowered to soar to greater heights.

Another passion of mine is also working with young adults. Since university, I have consistently placed myself on platforms where I can reach out to young people. Since discovering my love for working with young adults, I have had the experience of working with individuals from a home school center, private schools, college students, and international schools. Some of the difficulties my past clients have experienced include behavioural, academic, disciplinary, social, and family problems. I especially enjoy working with teenagers and young adults, and the difficulties they face at home with their parents, siblings, in school, and self. I firmly believe that we live in a systemic world where our worldviews are influenced by many external influences. Individuals learn to operate and cope within a system, and maladaptive behaviors occur when there are dysfunctions in the system. As a result of the inextricable nature of a family system, I often engage the parents in the therapeutic journey as I work with the child. Inevitably, this also means I work a lot with the families of these children/ teenagers.

Over the past 20 years, my life experiences trained me to adapt well to new and different environments. Having navigated through most years of my life on my own abroad, I have acquired the skill to be highly adaptive within a short period of time. I have also grown to become more appreciative of differences in people, life values, and different ways of life. I see the importance to be able to bridge the gap between competing cultures of different generations such as boundaries, filial piety, family and cultural values and expectations in a nuanced way. Because we live in a generation where information and trends transform so quickly, I am very passionate about educating mental health awareness to families, especially those who are less privileged.

I think it is important to live a meaningful, fulfilling, and hopeful life. Without these, life would be transient. My goal as a therapist is to help each individual I counsel find their purpose and meaning in your life, so that you can then be empowered to live a more fulfilling life.

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