I have always been in awe at the sight of old couples walking hand-in-hand together and looking at each other lovingly. You can say that I am a believer in fairytales. It is this nature of mine that inspired me to study Psychology, and subsequently a postgraduate degree in Counselling.

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Science majoring in Psychology from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Like many, I was unsure about what to do after my degree. It felt very much like being trapped in a maze with too many options, but none that sits right. It was then that I decided to follow my own nature and inspiration, completing a Masters in Counselling at HELP University, Malaysia.

I lead a shielded life growing up. However, my internship at All Women’s Action Society (“AWAM”) and Assunta Hospital have exposed me to a different side of life. My experiences there motivated me to broaden my horizons to include working with couples and family. Many a times, all it takes is for a single person in the family to initiate change and the entire family dynamic changes too. However, as many have said, it takes two to tango. Despite the efforts from a single person, without the reciprocity of others in the family, the vicious cycle remains. Just like a clock, all the gears need to come together to make it work. Hence, I see my work as helping all the gears in the family work well together.

My main theoretical orientation is based on the Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy (“Satir”) as it enables me to view each family member in a systemic manner. I truly believe that everybody has a choice. But each choice is greatly influenced by one’s upbringing, environment and people around them. Hence, my use of Satir allows me to be objective while exploring the different aspects of a person’s life, and see the various influences and interactions involved. Furthermore, my recent professional involvement with university students has sparked my interest in the area of career counselling. Coupled with Satir, this enables me to integrate the different pieces from a person’s life to form a more holistic picture.

Besides counselling, my professional experience also includes lecturing at HELP University, as well as conducting trainings. I am also passionate about building awareness in the realm of mental health, in hope that counselling will not always be a last resort.

I am a registered and licensed counsellor with the Board of Counsellors (Malaysia). I have also completed the certification course of Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy by the Satir Institute of Pacific (Canada) as well as obtained the graduate certificate of Family Therapy by The Delta Clinic (Australia). I am also a certified trainer of Psychological First Aid by United Nations University-International Institute for Global Health (Malaysia).

Life is like a train that goes from station to station, with people coming and going. But every now and then, the train might break down and we would get stuck. Hopefully together, I can help get your train back on track, and on your way to the next station.

Greetings from The Mind. We hope you enjoy your stay!
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