Rozaimah Khalid


In a universe full of wonders, my curiosity and interest for human behaviours sparked at an early age. Growing up, I went through a hard time in high school, constantly in search of my self-identity and purpose for my existence. My experiences made me determined to learn about psychology and the behaviours of people.

Upon the completion of my degree in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with an extended major in Peace and Conflict from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, I returned home and worked as an Instructor at Shichida Method for a year and nine months. This gave me invaluable experience working with children, which also allowed me to learn firsthand about a child’s developmental processes. I continued with a Masters in Counselling in 2013 at HELP University, completing up to 282 supervised practical hours during the course of practicum and 618.5 hours for internship as part of the course requirement.

I interned at multiple sites, including Dr Diana Lea-Baranovich’s private clinic, the Children Shelter, All Women’s Aid Society (AWAM) and Asia Pacific Smart / International School. I provided counselling services to individuals from various walks of life, with issues ranging from family problems to physical and emotional abuse. I also performed career counselling in the school, using tests such as the Holland codes (RIASEC), OASIS aptitude test and the Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire (MPQ).

I mainly utilize a systemic approach in my work with clients, particularly Family Systems. The theory suggests that individuals are not isolated beings and there are many external influences that form a person’s worldview. Thus, individuals are thought to be emotional beings that operate within a system, whether it is in a school or at home. Maladaptive behaviours occur due to dysfunctions in their system. I also engage in expressive arts and narrative techniques while exploring the underlying meanings of a person’s issue and worldview. These approaches have been effective in assisting individuals in gaining higher self-awareness, which helps them overcome certain challenges.

I am a licensed and registered counsellor with the Board of Counselors in Malaysia, striving towards becoming a certified family counsellor and I look forward to pursue my PhD in the field of family therapy. I share a similar interest towards teaching as I do towards counselling. That being said, I am also working as an education facilitator attending to children with learning disabilities at the Happiness is Learning Success (HILS) Learning Centre in Mont Kiara, At HILS, I often engage children and their families and work together towards constructing an effective plan to meet their goals.

I believe that everyone has a little black box they keep hidden inside their hearts that leads them to constantly experience a sense of fear or insecurity. In a world where differences aren’t often valued, it is understandable that we continuously feel anxious about opening up and exploring these boxes with another person. However, therapy is about two individuals, walking side by side, revisiting some of the dark places within a safe place and journeying together. It would be my greatest honour to walk alongside with you as you continue painting your life canvas.

Greetings from The Mind. We hope you enjoy your stay!
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