Lavender Tan
Clinical Psychologist


Having moved from city to city as a child, I had to learn to communicate with others fairly quickly. As a result, I found myself becoming increasingly fascinated by how people of drastically varied backgrounds and experiences, can find ways to connect with one another. My interest in people eventually lead me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Cardiff University, Wales. At university, joining the Psychology Committee and volunteering at the local suicide hotline only served to grow my passion for Psychology.

Upon graduating, I returned home and joined a multinational recruitment consultancy. After hours and on weekends, I worked with children who were on the Autism spectrum while completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play, which allowed me to utilize therapeutic play skills in helping children with their social-emotional development. My experience of balancing the two roles made me realize that mental health is a concern and a need in everybody, whether you’re a corporate professional struggling to meet expectations, or a parent raising a child with developmental difficulties. My desire to learn from and connect with others then took me to Sri Lanka, where I completed a 1-month mental health placement working with high need communities in rural areas of Colombo.

Driven to develop more in-depth skills that will better enable me to help others, I pursued my Masters in Clinical Psychology at HELP University. Throughout the 2 years, I worked in various settings including HELP’s Centre for Psychological and Counselling Services, Kajang Hospital, Mentem Psychological Services and Malaysian Mental Health Association. I carried out psychological assessments to understand cognitive and adaptive functioning in children with various neurodevelopmental difficulties (Autism, Intellectual Developmental Disorder, ADHD, learning disorders, etc.), as well as in adults with neurodegenerative disorders (autoimmune disorders and Alzheimer’s).

I also conducted group and individual psychotherapy with children and adults experiencing a wide range of difficulties including stress, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, grief, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, addictions, self-harm and suicidal ideation. I utilize various therapeutic techniques including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and humanistic approaches in helping individuals cope with their difficulties and take value-driven action.

I see therapy as a collaborative process. I admire the strength and bravery that my clients show in taking this step towards changing their lives, and I work closely with them to develop healthy coping skills, grow through adversities and strive for meaningful personal goals.

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