Kah Leong
Director & Corporate Trainer


In 2003, I completed my South Australian Matriculation (SAM) in Taylor’s College. I proceeded to Monash University and obtained my Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) and Bachelor of Science (Medical Bioscience) (Honours) in 2008. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Medical Bioscience in Taylor’s University, focusing on host-pathogen interaction.

Throughout my postgraduate studies, I have had the privilege of tutoring the undergraduate students in the Medical Bioscience field to fulfil my scholarship requirements. In my five years of tutoring, I have worked with students from all walks of life. Handling students with differing levels of enthusiasm, motivation and drives made me realise the joys of being an educator and the responsibilities that comes along with it.

Moving forward, I see myself increasingly moving towards conducting professional training, with special interest in the development of soft skills. I personally believe that the importance of soft skills in the workforce are often neglected and/or underestimated. In this day and age, having the most decorated curriculum vitae and the most appropriate skillsets for the job just gives you an edge but does not necessarily mean that you are the best person for the job. There is a paradigm shift in motion where employers are now beginning to realise the need for employees with not just technical know-how but with value-added abilities. Those abilities are actually categorised under soft skills, the measure of a person’s emotional intelligence.

At The Mind, my role as a trainer is to assist my clients to conceptualise and apply soft skills into something that can be incorporated into their organisation. Among the most common trainings that I will be covering are on interpersonal skills, time management, effective communication, teamwork, stress management, self-confidence and motivation to name a few.

Having employees who possess technical ability coupled with strong soft skills is essential to every organisation. I believe this will be the difference between a good company and a great one. We at the Mind hope that you would share with us the two most precious commodities, your time and most importantly your trust.

Greetings from The Mind. We hope you enjoy your stay!
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