Joel Low
Director & Clinical Psychologist


My journey into the realm of psychology started when I was a schoolboy of 14. I went through my share of teenage angst where I was angry at everyone and anything. However, I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic group of friends who managed to help me overcome my difficulties. It was this experience that sparked my love for psychology and the belief that we all have it in ourselves to get back on our feet again.

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Psychology from the University of Queensland, Australia. I then graduated with my Masters in Clinical Psychology from HELP University in 2010, where I also worked as a Graduate Tutor for several semesters. During this time, I received upwards of 400 supervised clinical hours in HELP’s training facility, the Clinical Psychology and Counseling services centre as well as in Kajang Hospital. I was privileged enough to have worked with a wide variety of individuals facing difficulties such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks to name a few.

Following this, I obtained my PhD in Psychological Medication, focussing on Clinical Psychology from University Putra Malaysia (UPM). Specifically, my research showed that Group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy twas able to assist individuals who suffer from depression, with a significant reduction of symptoms, as well as preventing relapse in a long-term follow up.

My main therapeutic orientation is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT. Throughout my training, I was ably supervised and received advanced and in-depth training in CBT from a leading expert of CBT in Malaysia, Dr. Firdaus Mukhtar as well as with Dr. Rachel Ting, a California-licensed psychologist and practitioner of CBT. The basic idea of CBT is, "I think therefore I am", where our action, behaviours and emotions are the product of our thoughts and beliefs which are oftentimes negative. CBT thus allows us to identify these negative thoughts and then modify them into thoughts which are more rational and functional. I am also well versed in the use of behavioral techniques and interventions. These techniques have been useful in helping those who experience difficulties with behavioral difficulties (e.g. school refusal, breaking bad habits), ADHD, as well as in helping individuals manage fears and phobias.

Since 2010, I have been practicing professionally in private clinics and hospitals, conducting both therapy as well as psychological assessments. The nature or work has made me very comfortable working with a wide range of individuals from different races, religious and backgrounds. At present, I’m the Director and a Clinical Psychologist at The Mind Psychological Services and Training.

Therapy is a journey that many would find daunting and my aim is try and make that journey as comfortable as possible. At the end of the day, therapy is a collaboration between two individuals, trying to achieve a common goal. I strongly believe that life is what you make of it, and I hope that I can play apart in helping you choose to live your life to the fullest.

Greetings from The Mind. We hope you enjoy your stay!
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