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Hello there everyone! Sir Post-A-Lot here with some uber exciting news! A few months ago we asked you to watch this space for an exciting update, and for all those of you diligent enough, we’re bringing you the exciting update! But instead of my usual ramblings, I’ll let our director tell you about what we’re bringing to the table. Have a good one all!


Hello! A very Happy New Year to you. I do hope that you’ve had a ton of fun ringing in the new year, with much merriment and a whole lot more food! And with the new year, comes new beginnings, a new page if you will, so lets start filling in those pages!

At The Mind, 2017 brings with it some changes as well, and we’re doing this by going back to our roots. The seed that first brought about The Mind first took root many years ago on the premise of providing both quality services as well as a platform to give back to the community at large. The last two years has been spent focussed largely on the former as we felt that it would provide us a with a solid foundation as an organisation. Two years later, we feel that we’re in a good place which allows us to move on the next part of our plan.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Nurture @ The Mind has arrived. Nurture has been designed as a platform for us to help give back to the community through two different phases. As the name goes, with Nurture, we look to help foster the next generation of mental health professionals. Supervision remains one of the core tenets of developing a good therapist. It is an absolutely vital process to have a supervisor to act as a guide. At the end of the day, therapy can only be mastered via application and hours put in, and the supervisor plays an integral role navigating these murky waters. With Nurture, we look to humbly share what we have learned and experienced to the next generation of budding therapists.

A very valued supervisor and mentor of mine shared a little token of his wisdom with me on my graduation day, and I share it here today. He said, and I quote:

“As supervisors and practitioners, we merely borrow the torch of therapy for a little while. Whilst we have it, we are to do the profession proud, passing on the tradition, ethics and knowledge to the next generation, hopefully in a state better than which we inherited it. If we have done this, we have done well.”

And with the intake of young therapists via Nurture, comes with it the avenue for us to further give back to the community at large, by providing quality mental health care at substantially discounted fees. Mental health services can be a very resource intensive endeavour that can be daunting to many. As such we hope that Nurture will be able to help individuals have greater access to quality care.

This would work in one of two ways. The first way would be via a trade of sorts. Potential clients will be able to have access to our young therapists for a significantly reduced fee, in return the young therapists under our care and supervision will be able to work with the client to grow their skills and competencies as a therapist with you. All young therapists will be closely supervised by our senior consultants at all times to ensure quality of service being provided, so in essence, you’ll be getting two therapists for the price of one!

The second way in which Nurture would be able to give back is by being a platform for us to both educate and train the general public in mental health. We’re proud to announce that we will be launching a new line of talks and workshops that is geared towards public health. Each workshop and training will be offered at a bare minimum of cost, so do look forward in the coming weeks as we launch this new venture.

Nurture has been a passion project of ours and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to launch it. In many ways, Nurture represents a natural progression of the work that we have been doing at The Mind. We look forward to being able to serve, so stay tuned for more! Till next time!


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