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Hello everyone!

Sorry for the hiatus, things have been a little helter skelter here lately! Hopefully we'll be able to bring you guys more exciting new things soon!

In any case we're back with a brand new piece, this time brought to us from the lovely people at Huffingtonpost.com entitled the #1 thing kids want when they're stressed (Gozen.com)! They give us a fantastic infographic of the common things that our kids stress about and what the kids themselves feel would be a good way to help themselves feel better!

As parents, we should remember that our little ones can go through the same stressors that we do as adults. The only problem is that they may not have the same resources or coping styles that we have learned over the years. So it's extra important that we help our kids not only to overcome the stress that they experience, but also to help them identify what they're feeling and experiencing at the moment.

So head on over to Huffingtonpost.com and have a look see of their most excellent post!

Image courtesy of Huffingtonpost.com/gozen.com


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