No Shouting, No Loving..


Hello everyone! Sir Post-A-Lot here once again, wishing you fair thee well on a wonderful Wednesday morning. I hope that you've all had your fill and you're raring to go!

Today we bring you something that I, Sir Post-A-Lot have managed to find, scouring the four corners of this thing called the internet. The New York Times shared this piece by Laura Pritchett, and she writes about how her own marriage fell apart because she and her partner never fought.

As strange as it sounds, it's something that can creep up in any relationship. We often tell clients that fighting is a good thing, it means that the partners still care, and that they care enough to fight. It's often that when the couple stops, that it's possible that they've given up and the end is near. This probably doesn't apply to all couples, but for some of us, it may be true.

So head on over to the New York Times and have a read. Till then, have a good one all!




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