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Sir Post-A-Lot wishing thee ladies and good sirs the finest of days, and fairest of weeks! I hope the week has been good to you as it did me! A week filled with the slaying of dragons most foul no less!

Today we share with you a piece from The piece talks about how a simple trick of the mind, an anxious reappraisal can help us change the anxiety that we feel into excitement which would, theoretically, drive us to success.

This techniques leverages on the fact that both anxiety and excitement stem from a state of arousal. It all boils down to the perceptions that we have of things around us. The way we think would filter the way we see the world, where even the best of situations would still be perceived as bad, and bad situations would be considered apocalyptic.

Think of it this way, if you wore a pair of glasses with blue lenses, everything that you see around you would be tinted blue. The same goes with our thoughts. If we constantly see things only from a negative, or anxious perspective, then when we get aroused, all we would have is never-ending anxiety.

But if we can try and re-train our minds, to think of arousal as a state of excitement, then things may take a turn for the better. A great example of this would be getting on board a giant rollercoaster for the first time. The first ever time you get on it, you’re filled with trepidation and fear. But on the second and third try, all of that is out the window, and you’re left with nothing but fun and exhilaration! In both cases, you’re still going to be in a heightened state of arousal, but it’s the anticipation of either fear, or fun that makes things different.

So give it a go! The next time you feel anxious about something, perhaps giving a presentation in front of a boardroom, or doing a performance on stage, instead of letting your mind get inundated with fear talk, start telling yourself that you’re going to go in, do a great job and kick butt whilst you’re at it. Say it enough times, and before you know it, you might start getting a bit more excited than scared.

Clickety Clack away to and have a read on their most excellent article. Till morrow then fair ladies and gentle sirs, Sir Post-A-Lot signing off!


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