It’s a Collective Effort People, So Let’s Start With Our Kids!


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Today we bring you a piece on how to teach our kids to be grateful. This is something that can often be easily overlooked by all of us, and yet, the impact that it leaves in our children’s lives can be long-lasting and leaves significant impact in their young lives. And as they go forth in their lives, the repercussions of a child never learning to be grateful for what they have can be severe.

We hear of anecdotal stories nowadays, of young’uns heading out into adulthood and facing immense pressures that they may yet be prepared for. Difficulties working with peers and colleagues for example, of living a life felt unfulfilled, can be issues that leave a significant dent in one’s quality of life. But when we stop and smell the durians, oftentimes we may have a lot more to be grateful for then we actually realise. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

So head on over and read this fantastic article here. Perhaps this is something that we can start installing in our young’uns before they get too big and head off to fight off dragons, or whatever shenanigans that youngsters nowadays get up too.

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