Is Counselling or Therapy Right for My Child?


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A bit of a hiatus from all of us here at The Mind! But I, Sir Post-A-Lot, am back with a new piece this week. This time, we're sharing an article that was re-posted up on our good friends at

In that article, they talk about what therapy for children and teenagers entails and the possible barriers that could make therapy effective for them. Working with children and teenagers can be difficult, but oftentimes, the fruits borne of such work are plentiful and wonderful, providing a significant positive impact on our young one's life for years to come. As the old adage goes, better to nip it in the bud, so to speak.

This article also has a special in our hearts here at The Mind. Many a times, we get calls and emails from concerned parents who strongly think that therapy would be beneficial to their teenagers. But teenagers and young adults often have very clear and defined ways of thinking about themselves and the problems that they have. It is not uncommon that when parents bring up the possibility of therapy, that teenagers and young adults may feel blamed and victimised, instead of supported and loved. The author talks fantastically about different techniques or approaches that one could use to encourage their teenage children to work with a therapist to help them overcome their problems.

This article goes to some way to challenge the stigma about therapy for children and what it may entail. The stigma surrounding therapy can sometimes scare them off the prospect of doing just that. But when they finally do bring their children in, it's amazing to see the good work and positive results that can be observed.

So head on over to to have a read of their fantastic piece. And if you're interested in finding out more about therapy and our work with children, do check out Rozy's profile.

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