Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us!


Hello there!

A little bit of a change for today. We’ve asked that Sir Post-A-Lot take a small hiatus, he’s been having trouble with a pesky little dragon of late, and we’ve given him some time off to collect himself, and to repair the burns off his tunic.

So this is Joel here, writing on behalf of my partner Kah Leong, and the rest of the team here at The Mind. Today is a bit of a special day for our family here at The Mind. 2 years to the day, Kah Leong, Adeline, Michelle and I got together to officially open our little home here at The Mind, Jaya One. Back then, we were a small little family, with just Serena in our team.

Over the years, the team has grown in more ways than one. Our little family has grown into a not so little one, with Vijay, Sping, Justin, Sydnedé, Rozy, Arina and Alicia joining us, and we’ve had some departures too. And I suppose in a way, that’s what all families do; they change over time. But despite all the changes, our core values, the things that we cherish the most remains the same. And for our family here at The Mind, those values are a commitment to both our clients and our team, to do the very best that we can, and to have as much as fun as we can doing it!

So on this day, on the 2nd birthday of The Mind, we are proud to announce that there are going to be more changes and additions to The Mind. The first of which is something we’ll be announcing right now!

One of the main goals that we’ve always had here at The Mind, was to give back to the community that has given us so much. And now, after getting our roots in place, and building this wonderful family around us, we’re proud to introduce Nurture @ The Mind. With Nurture, we aim to do just that, nurturing both the mental health practitioners of tomorrow, as well as to nurture the collective mental health of our community at large.

With Nurture @ The Mind, we aim to do this in two ways. First, Nurture will be our training ground for budding new mental health practitioners. We’re throwing open our doors, and offering our collective experience of the team here at The Mind, and the facilities that we have to help train the next generation of counsellors, clinical psychologists and everything in between to become effective practitioners of tomorrow. We’re opening ourselves for application to mental health practitioners who are currently pursuing their Masters in related fields to send in their applications for our consideration.

The second way in which we are looking to use Nurture, is to provide affordable mental health services to our community. We understand that therapy can be a resource-intensive endeavour, so with Nurture, we look to bring down the cost of mental health services. And we do so by proverbially killing two birds with one stone (At this point, Sir Post-A-Lot has asked me to remind our readers that no actual birds were hurt in the typing of this article), where the young mental health professionals that we have recruited will be offering their services to the community. This can come about in several ways, such as via therapy, or through community outreaches. The cost of their services will be reduced, in lieu of them obtaining valuable training hours. Rest assured, the quality of the services rendered will be held in the utmost regard, as all interns will be closely supervised by the senior practitioners in our team.

So there you have it! We’ll be providing more information in the coming weeks to provide more details to the services that we will be providing, so stay tuned to this site for more!

So a very happy birthday to ourselves here at The Mind! We do hope that we’ll be able to keep serving our community in the years to come. Have a good week all, we know we will! Joel signing off! Sir Post-A-Lot will be back bringing you champion goodies again in the following week!


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