I don't know what to talk about/tell my therapist!


Don’t think about it, just talk! There’s good and useful information in all our past experiences, so just start talking about what brought you to us in the first place, and the rest will just fall into place.


Will the therapist talk about me behind my back? Worse yet, will they laugh?


Absolutely not! Confidentiality is our number 1 priority, and one of the core tenets of therapy. You have to be able to trust your therapist in order for therapy to be effective. So no, we will not share information about you with anyone without your consent! Some exceptions do apply, but usually has to do with the possibility of harm and keeping you safe, something that your therapist will discuss with you at the start of your sessions.


How often will we meet?


There’s no rule about how often you should come on in, but we would recommend no sooner than once a week, and no longer than once a month whenever possible. This allows for time in between sessions so that you can try out the things discussed in therapy, as well as to ensure that not so much time passes that you’ll have to re-start the therapeutic process again. Ultimately, the frequency is decided between you and your therapist.


Will I be prescribed any medication?


Nope! As clinical psychologists and counsellors, we’ll be working with you via talk therapy only.

Greetings from The Mind. We hope you enjoy your stay!
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