What to do after a divorce?


Hello there everyone! Sir Post-a-lot here once again on a bright and shiny Wednesday! Hope you're all doing well!

I've been tasked with the quest to bring you an interview done by our Director and Clinical Psychologist Joel Low with Traxx.fm. He joined a panel of experts who regularly work with couples and individuals either going through, or having been separated and divorced in their lives.

Divorce is never something that's easy to overcome no matter the circumstances. Regardless if you're the one who's being divorced or the one instigating it, the whole host of difficulties that have brought you to the point where you are, and the difficulties that await you after the divorce can bring anyone down. But it is important to remember that it never has tot he be all and end all of life as you know it. It will be difficult yes, and some days it's gonna be hard to get going again, but just remember that you can.

So click on the link and have a listen! Have a good one all! Sir Post-a-lot signing out! Till next week!


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