Depression’s Rise To Prominence


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Sir Post-A-Lot says happy humpday all! Wednesday is a strange one isn’t it? It’s like you’re almost sorta kinda charged up with enough momentum to get all your work done and dusted. And yet, it’s two more days to the weekend. Two! How does one stay motivated knowing that freedom lies but mere days away? Strange one, definitely this Wednesday.

But jokes aside, we bring you something a little bit more sombre today. Yesterday’s front page of The Star touched on how depression will be the world’s no. 1 disability by 2020. Troubling, yes indeed, that a mental health disorder could bypass other more traditional medical diseases such as cardiovascular diseases to become the biggest problem faced by society at large. In fact, the article goes on to suggest that depression is actually no. 2 on the list of major disabilities right no!

I don’t know about you, but this is quite a concerning turn of events. Depression can bring with it such an incredible host of difficulties, with suicide being one of the most alarming of the repercussions of suicide. But even so, the other symptoms of depression such as immense sadness and hopelessness, insomnia and social isolation can make an individuals life so incredibly hard, not only for the sufferers, but also for their family members and loved ones around them as well.

But some comfort is to be found, in that depression is not the be all and end all of one’s life. In fact, there are significant improvements in depression treatment which means that with the right treatment plan, an individual suffering from depression will be able to manage it well, significantly reducing the detrimental symptoms of depression. One good example of a possible treatment method available is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT which can be used either on its own or in tandem to elicit significant improvements to depression.

Given how significant an impact that depression is going to have on our society as a whole, it’s imperative that we all learn as much as wen about depression. Knowledge about it is probably the best form of defence that we can have to ensure that it’s impact on our lives are minimal. So learn about it, and keep an eye out for our friends, family and ourselves. Hopefully that way we can keep depression at bay.

Right, that’s all from Sir Post-A-Lot today! But before I go, I’ve got one last video to share, and it’s about a black dog called depression .

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