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Our Partners Are The Family That We Chose To Have.

We are the people that we are, largely because of the interactions that we have with those around us.

And as the saying goes, our partners are the family that we chose to have. Maybe it’s because of that element of choice, or perhaps because in any relationship, there needs to be a leap of faith in putting our hearts and lives into the hands of others, but romantic relationships in particular brings with it an influence that we don’t find in very many other places.

Movies and TV shows has made us believe that great relationships must always be full of passion and romance, one that is devoid of fights and conflict. But as with most things on our screens, that aspect of a relationship is but one side of the coin. A relationship will also have fights and hurt feelings, mistrust and loneliness, as well as fear for both ourselves and for those that we love.

So What Makes A Relationship Good?

And for us, it’s a relationship that talks. By that, we mean to foster a connection between individuals where communication is the foundation to a healthy relationship. Much like how we can’t stop rain from falling, bad things are going to happen to us and our loved ones. But it is our ability to communicate which acts as an umbrella against the bad things that happen.

Couples work focusses on that, working to bring a couple closer together so that they can speak freely. Whether that means working on your baggage and issues that you bring to the table, or learning new ways to translate our thoughts, fears and hopes into words that our partners can hear, we look forward to working with you both to get your relationship back on track.

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