May 26, 2020

The Mind Goes Online!

  Hi there y’all! It’s been quite awhile since our last post! No excuses, just that life has a funny way of getting away from you. […]
December 13, 2017
Cognitive behavioral therapy Malaysia

Employee Assistance Program : Cognitive behavioral therapy Malaysia

Meaning Employee Assistance Program At some of our lives we’ll reach a stage where depression hits us without us realizing it, and it’ll slowly take over […]
August 11, 2017

We Need to Talk About Depression

Hi all! A bit of a hiatus from us all here. We’ve been busy scurrying about with workshops and the like! Nevertheless, we’ve given Sir Post-A-Lot […]
January 12, 2017

A Different Kind of Abuse

Hi everyone! A very good morning to all of you from the team here at The Mind. Sir Post-A-Lot here wishing you well, and asking you […]
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