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Cognitive behavioral therapy Malaysia

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At some of our lives we’ll reach a stage where depression hits us without us realizing it, and it’ll slowly take over our rationality, sanity. It gnaws on our sanity with each passing minutes.

This process only further accelerated by today’s workplace stress and pressure with even more detrimental effects that will surely have impact on your performance at workplace and personal life.

Thus The Mind have taken the liberty post on something to help fend off depression before it escalates, takes over your life and destroys it. Depression is triggered by the lack of human social interactions in daily lives such as talking which provides emotional supports each and every one of us needs. Talking, a simple mundane action that often take for granted by many of us, sometimes we even forget to talk to one another which indirectly caused to keep everything to ourselves and leaving us to have monologues episodes with ourselves and this can have dire effects. Monologues too often with ourselves will make ugly and bad thoughts to surface in our minds, causing unnecessary anxieties and worries which eventually invite depression into our lives.

Cognitive behavioral therapy MalaysiaCognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

To counter this, you may visit a therapist near to you and arrange an appointment for a cognitive behaviour therapy session (CBT). CBT is effective in treating various mental conditions from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) to alcohol misuse. But what is CBT? CBT is a talking therapy done between you and therapist with each sessions last between 30-60 minutes, and there are 5 to 20 sessions. During CBT sessions you will work together with your therapist to separate the problems plaguing yourself into parts such as – physical feeling, thoughts, and actions.

Once all this have been break down, you and the therapist will analyse and identify them if these areas are being unrealistic, unhealthy, or unhelpful effect on each other and you. When all of these are sorted and identified, your therapist will start on helping you to change these negative thoughts and behaviour, discarding them from your mind. You’ll then be advised by your therapist to work and apply these changes into your daily lives, your therapist will follow up, evaluate, and discuss during the next session.

The ultimate goals of CBT therapy are to discard negative thoughts and help you to apply the changes you’ve made during the session in real life. It’ll you to manage and tackle your problems from having negative impact on your life directly.

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