Ever felt nervous or fearful when you have to rush and meet assignment datelines? How about before an important social obligation? What about "butterflies in your stomach"?

It's common for all of us to have anxiety from now and then, its part and parcel of life. The thing about anxiety is that it's like a good song. It starts of slow and mellow, and then it slowly builds. It reaches its peak and you have your drum beats, guitar solos and wailing singers, and then soon after, it falls again, coming to a slow and smooth end.

For many of us, that's how we experience anxiety. But for some others, they don't experience that fall after the peak, they tend to stay up there at the solo for a long time. For others still, they never get past the initial rise of the song, preferring to escape before it reaches the peak. A song is never going to be a good one, unless its allowed to rise and fall. So if you're able to ride out your anxiety, you may just find that its bearable after all.

Comics That Capture The Frustration Of Anxiety Disorders by Buzzfeed


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