Anxiety 101: Firefighting Anxiety For Beginners


Hey everyone!

Hope you all are doing well! Goodness me, it’s December already! Time for the holidays with Santa and turkey, mistletoe and presents, and for Sir Post-A-Lot, a nice big shiny lance, all the better to slay those pesky dragons with!

Whilst oftentimes the holidays bring with it much fun and celebrations, that may not always be the case for all of us. For some of us, the holidays can be a source of great distress. It’s funny, but sometimes the people who are closest to us, whom we love and who love us the most, can also be the greatest sources of grief. So going home for the holidays can be a nerve-wrecking affair.

It’s not uncommon then that anxiety would be a natural result of such a situation. Anxiety is one of those things that acts like a runaway train without control. It starts of slow at first. A small anticipatory thought perhaps about a parents judgment, or relatives asking “so when you going to graduate ah?” can spark it off. And from there, the train picks up speed, and before you know it, your thoughts are racing through uncontrolled and you’re imagining yourself when you’re 80, alone, sad and not having two 10 cent coins to rub together. Scary.

Knowing how bad that anxiety can be for some of our loved ones, it would be helpful to have some kind of a cheat sheet so to speak of what it is that we can do help them reign in those fears of theirs and calm down a little. and Kylra Rose Sims has done just that. Now, she doesn’t claim to be any kind of mental health professional, but these are some of the things that she has found to be helpful in her most anxious times. She lists some great ideas, and Sir Post-A-Lot has been informed that there will be members at The Mind who will be borrowing from this cheat sheet, most definitely.

So if you know of a loved one who has difficulties with anxiety, or if you yourself suffer from it, clickety clack on the link here and have a look see at the wonderful tips she has listed.

Have a good one everybody! Not too long to Christmas! Yay!


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