As a collective whole, Malaysians often have many things to be angry about. From our infamous traffic jams, our favourite mamak running out of roti canai, to that shop who just doesn't seem to keep any shoes in our size.

Today we bring you a video by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman called "Just Breathe". It's been floating around the internet for awhile now, but just in case you missed it, do have a click and have a watch.

The video tells us about great little tricks and tips that we can use to keep our anger at bay. But more so than that, the video helps us understand what anger really is. Anger is a state of mind, that more often than not, you get to choose to be in or not. The next time you're stuck in a jam, have a look at your fellow drivers. Some of them will be fuming, some of them will wear a worried expression on their face, and some still will be happily bobbing around in their seat, doing their best impression of an American Idol participant. All these people in the same situation, but yet, they chose how they would feel.

So the next time you get angry, take a moment and ask yourself, if it's really worth getting angry over the fact that Liverpool lost 6-1 in Gerrard's last match of his Anfield career.

Perhaps it may just be a better decision to to close your eyes, put on your favourite song, and do your best to convince Jennifer Lopez that you're the next American Idol.

Take care all!


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