A Different Kind Of Abuse


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Today we bring you a more sombre piece about abuse. Most of us are aware of the more physical, traditional forms of abuse. A black eye, a long dark bruise on the neck or arms, cuts and scars that litter hands and legs, those are some of the signs that we see and we know to be possible signs of abuse.

But the physical forms of abuse are just the very surface of the different forms that abuse can take place. And oftentimes, it is the more covert, subtle forms of abuse that cause the most harm. Today we bring you an article written for the Washington Post by Liegh Stone. She writes about how she was never physically hurt or harmed, and yet the silent repercussions of the abuse that was heaped on her reverberated in her for years to come. She writes about the words that were used by her partner, seemingly innocuous at the time, but kept her in a cycle of impending terror and negativity that was as bad as any forms of physical abuse.

I think it’s time for us as society and as a people to start broadening our views on what forms of abuse can take place in our lives. And not just the physical ones, or the ones written about here today, but other forms as well. From sexual abuse, to social isolation, and even marital rape, these forms of domination of one individual over another has to be identified and then stopped. Abuse should be stopped, and I feel that it’s our responsibility to challenge it and fight it every turn wherever we are.

On that sombre note, I bid thee fare thee well. Till next time, Sir Post-A-Lot, signing off.


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