20 Ways the Way We Think Gets us in Trouble


Hello everyone!

Sir Post-a-lot here! Today I would to share with you a brilliant piece from goodtherapy.org who shares with us an article on 20 types of cognitive distortions that significantly impact our lives.

So the good people who make up the team at The Mind tells me that these cognitive distortions are thinking styles that all of us possess in some way or form, and these thoughts would significantly impact the way we process our world around us. For example, someone who thinks in a "Black or White" manner would see the world in extremes, where they are either very good, or very bad. You can begin to imagine how difficult living such a life can be!

So please do head on over to goodtherapy.org and have a read! See if you use any of those thinking styles, and if you do, maybe you can try a thinking a different way and see if that helps. But if you ever find that these thinking styles stop you from living the life that you want, then perhaps it may be a good idea to seek some help, from loved ones or mental health professionals who could help point you in the right direction.

Right, Sir Post-a-lot signing off! Have an awesome week all!


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