1 Sheep, 2 Sheep, 3 Sheep… Sleep…


Hello there good folks!

After a 2 week hiatus, Sir Post-A-Lot is back here once again! We’ve had some difficulties with some mangy curs we’ve had to deal with, and by deal with, we mean getting them the necessary love and care they deserve, as Sir Post-A-Lot and his team loves all living creatures, big and small. Except cockroaches. Flying cockroaches. *shudders* And Dragons, the fiery scary ones.

Random ramblings aside, we bring you a nice little article on how to get better sleep from Pscyhologytoday.com , those fine purveyors of quality articles and little nuggets of information to fill your minds. This particular piece talks about how to get better sleep.

Now seeing as exam period is around the corner, yes you young’uns doing their SPM, the not so young’uns in their college and university programs, and you wonderful adults who live in a non stop perpetual exam that is life, sleep can often be a luxury that not many of us can afford. Be it that you’re swamped with a never ending stream of tasks, or like Sir Post-A-Lot, a serial procrastinator of the highest order, we do sometimes find that we don’t have enough hours of the day for sleep.

Whilst those in our youth may think that sleep is for the weak, prolonged sleep loss can be very detrimental to our health. Losing a day or two of sleep will have significant impact to our ability to concentrate and focus on work, losing anymore would result in much more serious implications, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and in some more serious cases, death. That and you’ll be a grumpy crabby and no one likes that.

So head on over to Pscyhologytoday.com and have a look see on how you can get a handle on that sleep! Till then, tally ho!


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