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Life is hard.

Young or old, alone or with others beside you, life has this knack of throwing challenges at us that will knock us down to the ground.


Most of the time, we’ll be able to dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up and we’re good to go, ready for anything else that life throws our way. But every now and then, we’re going to hit a roadblock so massive that getting back up again may seem impossible. In those moments, you may need a hand or two to help you back up again, and here at The Mind, we hope that we can be there to help you get right back up again.

Always remember to keep breathing,

Let's Breathe Together


We are who we are, because of the sum of the experiences that we’ve had till this point. Be it something that’s happened 5 years or even 5 minutes ago, these experiences shape the way we live our lives. Every so often, we may find ourselves struggling, whether it’s because we’re finding it hard to get back to ‘normal’, or maybe because life has lost some of its colour and lustre. Therapy can be a good way to help us figure out these experiences and get us back on track, and we hope we’ll be able to give you a hand doing just that.

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So much of our live’s are defined by the relationships that we have. And when we face disruptions in our relationships, it can leave behind significant detriments to the quality of life that we can lead. Working with a couple therapist can be a great way to offer better insights into your relationship, allowing problems to reveal themselves, and from there, means to try and overcome them together.

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‘Home is where the heart is’, and as the saying goes, it’s also where some of the issues that we face stem from. Relationship patterns between members of a family unit can sometimes result in a less than helpful ways to relate to one another, the effects of which can be felt in ourselves and the way we interact with the world at large. Family therapy is a great way to unravel some of these relationship patterns, and through smoothing them out, gives us different and new perspectives, of which we hope will be able to significantly improve your quality of life both within the family, and outside of it as well.

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One of the questions that we get the most often is, “Do children experience difficult situations like adults do?”. And the short answer to that question is yes. More often than not, children are a lot more perceptive than we give them credit for, and they do go through the battery of reactions much like what adults go through. However, what can be different though, is the child’s ability to effectively express and talk about what is they’re going through. Working with a therapist can help a child express themselves in their own unique way, and work through their struggles.

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EAPs or Employee Assistance Programs have become an integral part of any organisation’s efforts to support it’s most crucial component, the team. We spend roughly half of our adult lives at work, so it would be intuitive to make the workplace as comfortable as possible. Blending our clinical experience with years of meeting our corporate partners’ needs, we deliver an EAP experience that focusses on empowering employees, and supporting the company in their pursuit of their goals.

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Want to do a mental health check up?

Knowing the signs. When should you seek support for your mental health?

01An acronym for stress

An acronym for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale

02Healthy expression

Healthy expression of emotions

03Feeling burnout

Feeling burnout




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